Members of the Bar, Set of Chambers and the wider legal profession are a significant part of our client base. We have significant experience in helping Barristers, and we are confident that we can help you. We understand the tax and VAT intricacies of your profession. We make the process of joining us streamlined and efficient. It is designed to ensure that we meet your goals, and we can start to help you as soon as possible.


After the discovery call, we will compile a quote for the services that you need. If you need additional services, we can tailor the quote for you. Our fees are consistent and where possible, we have fixed fees to give you peace of mind.

Once you accept the quote, you can formally become a Jack Ross client. After you have completed the form and decided on a suitable date, the next stage is to have a 15-minute discovery call. We hold the meeting via Microsoft Teams – don’t worry you don’t need the software on your phone or laptop.

The purpose of the call we will gain a clear understanding of what you need. Whether you are just on your feet and you need to understand about the UK tax system, VAT and your obligations as a taxpayer, or your practice is long-established, but your accountant cannot provide the service you need, we will be able to help you.

If you are frustrated or stressed because you feel like you are not getting anywhere with your taxes. Perhaps you are not sure if it’s because you don’t understand enough or if you’re not working with the right people. Jack Ross is here to help.

During the discovery call we will listen to you, and then take you through our services to ensure we can meet your needs, and that we are a good fit for one another. The first step is to tell us about your goals and what you hope to
accomplish with Jack Ross as your new accountants and tax advisers. We will send you an online form for you to tell us about yourself and your practice and let us know what you are looking for from a forward-thinking firm of chartered accountants.

We will give you three dates for the discovery call. If these are not suitable, just get in touch and we can arrange for a suitable date. We take care of everything for you and we deal with all the boring stuff.

  • We will need to check your identity and we do that via an online form which is easy and convenient for you. If you have a previous accountant, we will contact them and obtain the information from them directly.
  • We will liaise with HMRC to be authorised to act on your behalf.
  • We will send you our engagement letter which outlines the services that we will do for you.
  • We will ask you to set up a direct debit with us, which will save you time each month, and ensure the right amount is paid.
  • If you have Xero already, we will request access, and if not, we will set you up with your own system.
  • And finally, you will receive a welcome email from us, and you will get details of the team that will look after you.

We ensure that you always have more than one contact and so if a member of the team is away, you can always reach someone familiar with you.

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