Umar Memon

Umar Memon

A seasoned Chartered Accountant with over 30 years of experience, Umar is an expert at dealing with barrister's finances, from tax liabilities to financial planning.

Introduction to Tax Planning for Barristers 2024

Introduction to Tax Planning for Barristers 2024 by Umar Memon Since 1948, Jack Ross Chartered Accountants has provided state-of-the-art barrister accounting services in Greater Manchester and beyond. We pride ourselves on our dedication to financial integrity and technological innovation. Whether…

Expert Financial Advice for Barristers: Jack Ross Explains

Expert Financial Strategies for Barristers Introduction to Financial Planning for Barristers Barristers face unique financial challenges. As primarily self-employed professionals, barristers must operate without the support structures available in traditional employment. Our article focuses on the importance of specialist financial…